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This ePortfolio is an interactive space for professors teaching the Arts in NYC course to share readings, class assignments, and general ideas for teaching this course at Guttman.


When preparing your class, please use this as a guide to the course: Arts Guide 2018-19.docx

Please also read my Vision/goals for the Arts program: TallajVisionArts2019 .docx


The Arts in NYC course was created and developed by Prof. Lori Ungemah. Here are her sample syllabi:





Here are sample syllabi by other professors who have taught the course: 

Syllabi 2017-18.pdf



Here are the readings that Lori Ungemah have used for the course: 

http://ncc.cuny.libguides.com/er.php?course_id=23573&preview=fe9021fc74d8c6053727188bd5443626  (PASSCODE: Guttman)


Here is a link to the EPortfolio from 2015-16. In it, you will find my (Angelina Tallaj) philosophy for the course: https://guttman-cuny.digication.com/arts_in_new_york_city_fall_2_201516/Philosophy





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.