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The overall structure of an essay should look like this:
Introduction Paragraph

In the introduction present the artifact you will be analyzing and your main idea about it. This is also known as the "thesis" or "argument".


First and Second Body Paragraphs

The main purpose of a body paragraph is to give in detail the examples that support your main idea.


.Supporting details or examples of the piece you are examining

Concluding Paragraph

The conclusion paragraph restates the main idea. The final element should be a "personal statement" that gives the reader an indication of your worldview and your take on the issues or ideas presented.


Other tips:

.Use transition words- connect paragraphs

.Be concise if you need to summarize a reading, a literary, film or art piece. Only refer to the segments related to your argument.

.Offer some context: describe the scene/the theme/ stanza/ verse, etc.

.Use quotes correctly. Name your sources.

.Check spelling and grammar.

.Read the essay before submitting it. Check if it has a good flow. Think of it as a whole.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.