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Arts in New York City

Fall II (January-February 2018)


Course Number/Section: LASC 200-04S (3797)                          

Instructor Name: Rojo Robles

Days/Times: Mo, Tu, Th      10:20 AM - 12:20 PM            

Course Location: NCC 40th 508

Office Hours: By appointment                                             

Email: rojo.mejias@guttman.cuny.edu


Course Overview:

“The Arts in New York City” introduces students to a range of artistic forms, venues, media, and movements in the arts mecca that is New York City.  In this intensive cycle, students will be exposed to visual and performance practices as well as different art institutions. They will explore a broad range of art forms through texts, images, and experiential components (visits to museums, galleries, art workshops, film screenings). Students will be introduced to and develop visual literacy skills by closely and carefully examining works of art, discussing their observations, and supporting their views using evidence from the artworks. Students will develop the critical visual literacy skills needed to discuss meaning and interpretation, audience, source, access, and the impact of works of art on the individual. Course assignments include interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of creative work of many forms.


Credits/Contact Hours:     

3 credits

Learning Outcomes:           

Upon successful completion of the course, students will develop their abilities to:


  1. Gather, interpret, and assess both visual and written information from a variety of sources (museums, galleries, art walks, written materials) and points of view (the artist, the art historian, the art critic, the viewer/audience member, the arts professionals & other students in class).
  2. Critically evaluate evidence and arguments on various perspectives about art.
  3. Produce well-reasoned and well-researched written and oral arguments using evidence to support one’s conclusions.
  4. Articulate how meaning is created in various forms of art and how meaning is conveyed and interpreted via these art forms.
  5. Use appropriate technologies and research skills to conduct research about art and the creative process and to communicate one’s findings in both written reports and oral presentations.



All readings will be available on e-Portfolio as PDF documents.


Requirements & Course Policies:

Although this is an Art class, it will necessitate a great deal of reading, writing, and discussion. Please be prepared to read and write in class by doing your assigned readings.


Your punctual attendance to class is mandatory for your success in Arts in NYC. The nature of a 6-week course requires excellent attendance and participation, particularly since it is a six-week intensive course.


Experiential learning is an essential component to the success of this course. Each week you will be expected to participate in a mandatory experiential component that will further develop that week’s topic. These experiences contribute to the richness of your Art Synthesis Essays, your Art on My Mind weekly journal responses, and are reflected in the 25% participation grade.


Cell Phones, iPads, and laptops will be used for instructional purposes ONLY. Please have electronic devices put away unless otherwise requested by the instructor.


A drink and/or small snack will be permitted in class, but please no meals. Please plan accordingly. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.