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Arts in NYC Final Project

For your final project in Arts in NYC you will create an art piece that describes some aspects of your relationship to New York City. Whether you were born here, or just moved to NYC, think of what the city means to you and ways in which the city has shaped who you are. Think about the role of the arts in shaping your identities (gender, racial, class, ethnic, religious), your childhood, and your view of your community. Pick an art form or genre of your choice. Possible art forms include music, collage, theater piece, dance choreography, sculpture, painting, drawing, photo gallery, puppet show, graffiti, animation, multimedia, tattoo design, movie, animated video, cartoon illustration, graphic novel. You do not need to be an expert in this art form, in fact, this might be a new experience for you.


Your grade will be based on on your effort, creativity, and on a short written piece that will accompany the work. The assignment will consist of two parts: 1) the project itself along with a presentation; 2) final written 2 to 3 pages reflection.

Part I:  Final Project Artifact

Once you complete your artistic work, please upload it to your ePortfolio. You may upload a video, photo gallery, audio link, etc. Then, use the following prompt to guide your final reflection. Your reflection can be written or it can be an audio or video that you include on your ePortfolio page.


Part II: Final Project Reflection

(2 to 3 pages) Arts in NYC Final Reflection Prompt:  introduce, describe, analyze, and reflect on your process.


Think about and describe what you hoped to create and communicate. Describe the process you undertook to create this project. Were you able to achieve your goals? Was the process smooth? Did you have to change your plans in any way?


In what ways did you apply concepts you learned in class to this project? What does this piece say about you and your relationship to New York City? What did you learn about yourself as you developed this piece of art?


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.