DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Assignments & Grading:   

Art Synthesis Essays: 20% (4 essays)

Art on My Mind Journal: 20% (4 entries)

Final Project + Presentation: 25%

Visual Analysis Reflection Essay: 10%

Participation: 25% (includes experiential learning activities)



Students will have multiple writing assignments and presentations. Unless otherwise noted, all assignments must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, with one-inch margins.


Art Synthesis Essays: For these four weekly assignments, students will write short essays synthesizing and responding to the readings, discussions, works of art covered in class, and personal experiences with art through their weekly art experiences. The papers will be one page, double-spaced, and will be uploaded to the course e-Portfolio assessment tap.


Art on My Mind Journal Entries: Using ePortfolio, students will write a short narrative or poetic journal entries as they think about art during the course of this semester. Documented experiences may include formal visits to galleries, museums, events, or workshop, as well as observations in the course of their daily interactions with arts in New York City at large.  Students will upload 1 image and 1 piece of edited writing (personal nonfiction, prose, poetry) about the art they see, hear, and/or experience on during this cycle of study. They will have four total entries.



1. Drawing Center Visit

2. Theater of the Oppressed Workshop

3. Bookmaking Workshop

4. Photography I-II Week + Picture (s) 


Final Project Presentation and Reflection Essay: In an individual 5-minute presentation, the student will introduce the art form walk us through her/his piece and process— while describing, analyzing, and even asking questions about the art created. Additionally, using the vocabularies for varying art forms learned and practiced in class, students will write a 2 to 3 pages visual analysis about their own work in which they will introduce, describe, analyze, and reflect on their process and themes presented.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.