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After their week long residency with the artists, the students were asked to complete a four-question survey and were given an opportunity to directly comment to the artist his/herself.


The prompt read: Please use this space to provide direct feedback to your artist. Your responses will be shared with them.


Feedback for Clay Drinko included:

  • Hello Clay this is Keyshanna, I just wanted to thank you for the experience in my Arts in New York class, u were quite good in sharing your knowledge and experience and I dearly appericate and enjoyed your teaching.
  • You have an awesome personality!
  • Clay, Your class was awesome! I had so much fun I couldn’t wait to get to class each day. This class has made me realize that I would like to take improv classes outside of school. I think my favorite part of improv is not being able to be wrong, who wouldn’t love a class like that! It was really cool to see some of the more shy students blurting out answers and really interacting with the rest of the class. I hope Guttman decides to make improv an extra curricular activity because my name will be first on the list!
  • i like your games i hope see you again !!
  • I think Clay is an awesome improv teacher and did a great job with us. He made each day fun and was awesome to be around. He'll be missed.
  • Clay you where great and nice way that brought the class up in front of everyone else, it was fun working with you! From a member of the spectaculars
  • Clay Drinko used various acting exercises to help create an atmosphere of comfort for individuals who have not done acting before. It is all up to the individual whether or not they feel comfortable or not. At the same time, acting is a subject where people step outside their comfort zone. Overall, he did an excellent job in introducing improvisational acting.
  • You gave out a very good vibe and to take the time to teach students really showed your passion and you have the power to help people be themselves.
  • It was good having you and I have learned alot about what improv is all about and I would love to experience it again
  • I wish there was a club for improv and if there is on, Clay should be running it - Ariela.
  • I loved the games that were shown in class it made everyone interact with each other in one way or another
  • Clay, your amazing and so much fun! You should be a college teacher instead.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.