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After their weeklong residency with the artists, the students were asked to complete a four-question survey and were given an opportunity to directly comment to the artist his/herself.


The prompt read: Please use this space to provide direct feedback to your artist. Your responses will be shared with them.


Peter's students replied:


  • Thank you very much.
  • Awesome job Peter, really enjoyed the week. Your personal anecdotes were very reassuring (about your struggles in getting to where you are now, I am an artist myself). Also, you taught me that the body is more than just a vessel for our being, it can be used as an instrument and a tool for art, which is a beautiful thing that I wish I had realized sooner.
  • I had a great time, and it was really interesting how the Dancer was a male rather than a female. I didn't know someone can actually do multiple things combined with being a dancer. I can imagine what a ride his life is in. Connecting and interacting with more artist can bring your work alive.
  • Peter is an expert in the field of art. Period! His knowledge in the field of dance translates into the expertise in perfecting the art of that is contemporary and modern. He revolutionizes the modern definition of art.
  • I think it was great , but i felt confuse, learning new things , or feeling a different thing about dance, it was confuse for me. I think the peter's dance it is something that takes time to feel it and understand it . You cannot be able to learn it in 2 classes. i just know there are things , for instance , philosophy that takes your whole life and you cannot be able to understand it at all.
  • He was a great speaker
  • Continue to move your body in ways that your mind can also move, differently.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.