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Class 3 with Vandana was the completion of the students work and a gallery walk of what they had produced. We gave the students about 30 minutes to put on finishing touches and/or ask Vandana for advice, then the students had to tape their work onto the white boards.


Next, I explained what would happen next:


1. Students would each get a dry erase marker. They would walk around and give feedback on their peers' work. However, they would not write silly statements like, "Nice!" or "Cute!" They should employ the vocabulary for visual elements and principles of design we learned in the last two weeks. To remind them, we reviewed those terms very quickly.







2. After they had done a round of the entire room and commented on all their peers' pieces, we would come back together as a class and walk about, work by work, and each student would informally present what they had made. This would give other students a chance to ask questions, and it would also allow Vandana to provide feedback.





3. Lastly, we would take a group photo with Vandana.


The best part of this entire day was #2. At first, the students were nervous to talk, so I told them to tell us three things about their piece. That seemed to loosen them up a bit. I also reminded them that presentation skills and speaking intelligently about their work was a goal of our First Year Experience program. I must say, almost all of the students revealed what great thought went into each of their pieces, and their peers asked great questions. I was impressed with the amazing intellectual curiosity I saw displayed.


Viva art and the making of it!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.