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In our second class, the students spent time in the computer lab with their lists of companies/brands they had collected from home. Students looked up th logos for the brands in their lives and printed them out, adjusting the scale to make them small and large. Our student computer labs only print in black and white, so we had skinny markers for them. Additionally, we had:


card stock (grey, bright pink, blue, green, orange)





glue sticks


What surprised me was *who* exactly got deeply into theircreative space. One student who is a bit distracted in class was 100% focused for TWO WHOLE HOURS while he worked diligently on his project. Another girl was instensely focused on her large composition. It is interesting to see who enjoys the creative process. It reminds me--as an educator--that some students might be able to participte in a class well while others might do better working quietly on something creative. This becomes obvious when you see different learning styles in proces.


Vandana walked around and helped students with their compositions and provided feedback (and helped unjam the overheated printer!) and gave her valuable eye.


It was two hours of making. We all enjoyed that.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.